Easter Giveaway Today

Starting 7PM ET, GamePoint's hosting an amazing in-game giveaway with fantastic prizes! Don't miss it and make sure you're online in your favorite game (any room). Yes! That's all you have to do for a chance to win one of our lovely prizes.

Keep an eye on the chat to see if you're a winner! What would you like to win?

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Become a king - Win a poster

For all the RoyalDice experts out there we have a special challenge today, January 6th: Become king of the Tournaments and win a very unique prize: an original poster by a true RoyalDice artist - Pascal. Partially created during the recent Winter Wonder Week 2018 Design Challenge.

Only the top 3 of our Three Kings Tournament will win, so warm up your dice and roll for that High Score! The Tournament rounds will start at 4AM, 10AM, 4PM and 10PM ET. So there will be 12 winners total.

Let us know if you have what it takes to beat the kings und join this fun challenge!

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Cyber Monday

Don't miss out on even more amazing Deals today! All day long you'll get 75% more Coins with every deposit and even with your Bingo Card Deals.

Are you a VIP or SuperVIP? Then you’ll receive 75% Extra Coins on top of your respective VIP and SuperVIP advantages.

Our GamePoint Slots and Casino players even get to enjoy Slot Coin bonuses as high as 300% extra. Start spinning for that BIG WIN!

Take advantage!

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It's Black Friday!

It's Black Friday on GamePoint with a +50% COIN SALE! Take advantage of this deal and get yourself 50% Extra Coins on every deposit you make.

Are you a VIP or SuperVIP? Then you’ll receive 50% Extra Coins on top of your respective VIP and SuperVIP advantages.

Rather have a good deal on your Bingo Cards? The +50% bonus also applies to our Bingo Card Deals!

We might even have some extra suprise deals spread out throughout the day. Get them while they are there, because once they are gone, they're really gone!

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The GamePoint Autumn Festival is here!

Autumn means it's time to enjoy all the fruits of a bountiful harvest. Here at GamePoint, that means pots overflowing with Coins and lots of fun! Here's some of what you can look forward to on different days:

  • Extra SuperBingos!
  • Filled RoyalDice jackpots!
  • Special limited-time Bingo Daubers

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Who you gonna call?

There's something strange in the neighborhood... There's something weird in GamePoint Bingo, but it looks good! It looks like a jack o' lantern got mixed in with the balls. If it rolls by in your games, then all participants will get a free Bingo card!

And another trick, but it's more of a treat. If you're lucky, the balls in GamePoint Bingo will get haunted and will decide to keep rolling until there's an extra winner! So if you have one or two more balls to go, this is your chance to still win!

Of course, all these features are in addition to the Bingo in the Dark rooms, limited-time collections and daubers. Which is your favorite?

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Make sure you get your FREE VIP!

Everyone enjoying Oktoberfest at GamePoint? There's been plenty to come back to everyday, like the popular Happy Hours.

Want to be VIP for FREE? It's easy and everyone can do it! Everyday you log in and start playing, you're automatically awarded a special Oktoberfest medal. If you gather 5 different Oktoberfest medals, then on Monday October 1st, you'll get 5 free days of VIP! Are you already a VIP or SuperVIP? Then you'll get 5 free days added to your existing membership!

So, don't miss out!

  • Log in everyday during the Oktoberfest event to automatically get a medal
  • Check in your 'Prizes' menu in the 'Events' tab to see your medals
  • Have 5? Then wait until Monday October 1st to automatically get free VIP!

Will you be a VIP on Monday October 1st?

Enjoy Oktoberfest with these FREE Coins!

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Oktoberfest Happy Hours!

Starting today, Monday September 24th and lasting a whole week, GamePoint is bringing you Happy Hour during Oktoberfest, TWICE a day!

Only between 1-4PM ET (18:00-21:00 UK) and 7-10PM ET (00:00-03:00 UK):

  • We're filling the pots extra fast for extra SuperBingos!
  • You'll find that the jackpots in RoyalDice will always be filled up with at least 500 Coins!
  • Find FREE Bingo Card when playing in GamePoint Bingo

Today is also the first day for collecting a Oktoberfest medal for each day you log into your favorite game! If you collect 5 medals this week, you'll get FREE VIP on Monday, October 1st.

Will you be joining us for Happy Hour this week?

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Medals mean FREE VIP!

Being a VIP means you get to enjoy some of the best things on GamePoint, like 50% extra Coins in your 3-hourly gifts and in your deposits. But it doesn't stop there! As a VIP you can also access of VIP chat and you get to use a ton of extra fun smileys in the chat.

And this Oktoberfest you can become a VIP for FREE! How?

Starting on Monday, September 24th, collect a special Oktoberfest medal just by logging in each day. Every day means a new medal and the best part is, when you collect a total of 5 different medals, we'll make you a VIP!

On Monday, October 1st, we'll count everyone's Oktoberfest medals and if you have at least 5 different ones:

  • You'll receive 5 days of VIP
  • Already a VIP or SuperVIP? Then 5 days will get added to your existing membership
  • This FREE VIP can only be claimed once per household

Looking forward to collecting medals starting on Monday? Will you be getting yourself some free VIP?

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It's raining Coins

According to all sources, GamePoint's the place to go! Cause today for the first time, just a few minutes ago. For the first time in history it's gonna start raining Coins!

It's raining Coins! Hallelujah, it's raining Coins!

GamePoint never had a Sale this spectacular.

Soak yourself in Coins!

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