Brand New Barcelona Collections!

Binky has arrived in the city of Barcelona and that means there’s brand-new collections to enjoy! Experience sunny Barcelona and the amazing Spanish culture with delicious local food and landmarks.

Don’t forget, each new collection in GamePoint Bingo is a new opportunity to play for additional rewards! And of course, we have new daubers and more fun stuff coming!

Which new collection is your favorite?

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Flight GP472 is ready for takeoff!

Binky, please report to gate B3 this is your final boarding call! On August 15th Binky and his friends are scheduled to arrive at a NEW DESTINATION in GamePoint Bingo! To celebrate we are hosting a Destination Reveal Giveaway! Join us on Thursday at 2 PM ET to find out where Binky is going and for a chance to win some amazing prizes!

Hope to see you there!

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Flight GP472 is now boarding!

Binky has had the greatest time enjoying all that London has to offer. His favorite memories are roaming around in the rain through Hyde park and visiting Buckingham Palace. But it is time that we hang up our umbrellas and say goodbye to The Queen because on August 15th at 4 AM ET Binky is scheduled to arrive at a new destination in GamePoint Bingo

Any guesses on where we’ll go next?

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How to fix flash?

How to fix flash?
Google recently released a new version of their Chrome browser. This new version actively blocks Adobe Flash, as a preparation for Google's upcoming discontinuation of Adobe Flash (2020). But don’t worry, GamePoint has your back.

OPTION 1 (highly recommended)
We developed an exclusive Add-On for Chrome to activate Flash automatically, meaning no more annoying “Activate Flash” messages. Check out the “GamePoint Flash Enabler” by following this link: CLICK ME! Simply click on “add” so that all your favorite GamePoint games will run without the pesky Flash pop-up.

Rather allow Flash manually? Then take these steps when you’re on the ‘Oops, Flash is blocked page’:

  • Click “activate once”
  • A little puzzle icon will appear in the top right corner of the browser that says “Plugin blocked”
  • Click that puzzle icon and “Manage” for a new tab that includes Flash Settings for Google Chrome
  • Locate the toggle next to “Block sites from running Flash” and click to turn it blue
  • Close the tab and click on “Activate once” again and allow Flash in the small pop-up window on your left upper corner of your screen
  • Afterwards the game should load, and you can start playing.

We also provided a short video tutorial to describe the above steps. For the video and more information, check out our special help page here:

We are also happy to help you via LiveChat on the ‘Oops Flash is blocked’ page if you require further assistance.

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Win big during our Extra SuperBingos Event!

On August 7th and 8th, we're filling up the pots extra fast for Extra SuperBingos! Join in between 1-4PM ET for huge pots that we'll be announcing in the chat so you know exactly where to go. Don't miss it if you want to win Big Ben sized prizes!

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VIP of the Week: muts1975

And our new VIP of the Week is muts1975! Congratulations! You win 1 extra week of (Super)VIP and 500 Coins for being our new VIP of the Week! 

Want to be the next VIP of the Week? Make sure you have a wonderful profile picture and keep your subscription up to date and you might see your picture here next.

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More GamePoint Bingo Winners!

Only had 1 or 2 more numbers to go before winning a Bingo? Now there's a chance that the balls will keep rolling to find MORE Bingo winners. Only on July 29-31. Keep on playing and that extra opportunity could be your lucky win!

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Play in MEGA rooms!

The biggest pots are certain to be found in special 5,000 and 10,000 Coin rooms which are exclusively available on July 26th and 27th. And imagine how big their respective SuperBingos will be when everyone fills the pot?

Be sure to invite your friends to the special Mega Rooms!

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Time for a MEGA Giveaway!

It's been a MEGA week with plenty of MEGA events. To go out with a bang, we're treating you to a MEGA Giveaway. On Sunday, July 28th starting at 1PM ET, just be online in any room or game for your chance to WIN during a THREE HOUR long giveaway! There's going to be mega prizes that you can win. Will you be there?

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Win big with Mega SuperBingos

Do you want a chance to win MEGA prizes during our MEGA week? Then join us on July 24th and 25th between 1-4 PM ET for Mega SuperBingos! We'll be filling up the pots in the 250 Coin rooms and higher for plenty of extra MEGA-sized SuperBingos giving you the chance to win MEGA-sized pots!

Don't miss it!

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