Congratulations MargaretR927 you are our new VIP of the Week! You win 1 extra week of (Super)VIP and 500 Coins for being awesome!

Want to be our next lucky VIP to receive this special recognition? Make sure to upload your best profile picture and keep your subscription up to date. Who knows you might be the next lucky winner to be shown on our site! Just let an employee know that you would like to be the VIP of the Week.

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SpinBingo Jackpot Festival begins

Are you ready for SpinBingo Jackpot Festival on GamePoint?
For the next 3 days, we're lowering the Jackpot points in SpinBingo. If you are the first to reach 11,000 points instead of the usual 12,500 points, you'll get the Jackpot! In addition, every Jackpot that is reached will be refilled automatically. This is the easiest way to win a big pot in SpinBingo history

Play SpinBingo NOW and grab a Jackpot!

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Double Max Bet NOW!

Are you a GamePoint Slots or GamePoint Casino Fan? Then we have an amazing surprise for you! For a limited time ONLY there's Double Max Bet in our slots game! Remember: The more you bet = The more you get!

Play GamePoint Casino now!

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Double Dip!

Ice Cream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!

We're nearing the end of the Bingo Road, so to help you out we're making sure that all weekend long you'll earn TWICE as many Ice Cream after each Bingo round. Also If you want an even bigger boost make sure to play with our special Bingo Road Dauber to earn 25% extra Ice Cream every time you play!

Join our Double Dip event ALL WEEKEND LONG and race your way along the Bingo Road!

Play Bingo Now!

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Ready, set, go!

Starting now you can earn amazing Coin rewards by participating in the Candy Race. GamePoint will be giving you lots of sweet Candy to help you progress toward amazing rewards. Every game you play also helps you progress in the Candy Race. 

Play now to earn that sweet Candy and get amazing rewards!

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Need a Bingo Road boost?

Sprint your way to the end of the Bingo Road to unlock amazing rewards! Need a little help? Use the Bingo Road Dauber and earn 25% more Ice Cream every time the round ends. Head over to the Dauber shop and treat yourself to our special Bingo Road Dauber.

Collect now!

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Extra SuperBingos

Good news for all SuperBingo chasers! On July 18th and 19th we'll be filling up the SuperBingos. That means even more chances for you to earn Ice Cream to progress on the Bingo Road. Keep an eye on the chat to find out exactly where the Extra SuperBingos will be taking place.

But the fun doesn't stop there! On Sunday, July 19th, it's National Ice Cream Day. Join us in any game for a chance to win Ice Cream themed gifts. We'll be picking lucky winners at random throughout the day. Be online and it could be YOU!

Play GamePoint Bingo!

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New Collections!

Starting TODAY until July 29th you can collect special Bingo Road Collections. Upon completion of these collections you'll be rewarded with extra Ice Cream that help you progress towards incredible rewards!

As a reminder Bingo Collections randomly appear on your Bingo Cards. Daub all shadow pieces to earn the item. As soon as you collected all the items in a set your reward will be waiting for you.

The special Bingo Road Collections are a great opportunity to get a head start towards your next prize.

Start collecting now!

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Welcome to the Bingo Road!

We're in the midst of Summer, temperatures are rising, and our guess is that almost everyone is looking forward to enjoying an icy cold treat! Join us on the bingo Road and start collecting as much Ice Cream as you can to progress towards amazing rewards.

Like always, there are many ways to earn EXTRA Ice Cream, like playing in a higher strake Bingo room, joining a Superbingo, or collecting your free coins when the timer expires. There's even a chance that an Ice Cream will float through your game; just pop it to collect it!

Play now to earn that icy cold treat and get amazing rewards!

Play GamePoint Bingo!

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