Take the Spotlight!

Take the Spotlight!
As most of you may know, we love to put our players in the spotlight. We do this little thing called ‘’VIP of the WEEK’’, where we choose a new VIP-player every week to receive this special recognition. 

But, we think it's about time that we make a few exceptions. We're going to choose non-VIP players to be in the spotlight as a VIP of the Week, and treat them to a week of FREE (Super)VIP and 500 Coins!

Want to be our next lucky player to receive this special recognition? Make sure to upload your best profile picture, because who knows you might be the next lucky winner to be shown on our site! All you have to do is let an employee know that you would like to be the VIP of the Week.

JimP930 -
Have been trying to log in to play for over a week now and cannot get in to play at all no one replies, no one tries to help,, for right now Game Point. You suck, and I am to the point of just ending trying to play and say get off of Facebook GamePoint.
SandyHiggins - 7 July, 2020 1:58 PM
i would like to be vip of the week please
RickRenaud1 -
SharonW204 -
I would like to be VIP of the week